Health and wellness treatments

Health and wellness treatments

Travelers ultimate aim is explore the new places and enjoy the travel experiences. Visiting new places always very pleasure but when these travel destinations are colored and giving back us some healthy life style tips, it’s too good isn’t ? I am going tell you about Kerala special Ayurvedic treatments and spa

Nowadays we are very curious about our health. Do you know why? Because new kind of diseases rising up in the world due to our unhealthy life style and surroundings. Here is the importance of health and wellness treatment. That’s why people thinking about following healthy life style .Healthy life style means doing exercise regularly, eat healthy food and do some mind blowing activity like yoga and taking some Ayurvedic treatments yearly. Most of us wish to do these kinds of activities but unfortunately we don’t have enough time to do this and no idea about where to get the proper treatment. Many special treatments prescribed in the ancient medical science for some of the most distressing diseases are currently practiced only in kerala , the gods own country, state in southern part of India.

Kerala ayurvedic & spa

These ayurvedic special treatment are very effective in rheumatism, paralysis, sponylosis, arthritis and other psychosomatic diseases.The major ayurvedic treatments are Snehapanam Dhara (Oordhwanga Dhara & Sarvanga Dhara), sirovasti,pichu ,pizhichil, sirolepa and navarakkizhi. Along with these treatments ayurvedic hospitals providing panchakarma treatments like snehavasthy, nasyam, kashayavasthy,virechanam and raktamoksham. These treatments are useful for allergies as well.

The fact is people are confused about where to go for it! There is lots of fake treatment centre in the health and tourism industry. This fake treatment and spa centers, frankly nothing giving back to the clients because they don’t know even the basic methods of these treatments. The important thing is people can’t learn these treatments from someone.  Actually it is hand over from ancestors.

Shamrock holidays are making the perfect deal for health and wellness treatments. The shamrock have good contact with major Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and very keen to provide the special healthy treatments to their customers. You can feel the pampering, relaxing and healing powers of kerala ayurvedic treatment and spa then make your vacation perfectly relaxable.


Accrding to the bulletin from ayurveda acharya’s Malayalam month karkidakam (july-auguest) is the best time if the year for undergoing this treatment. Kerala government  and CII are inviting the foreigners to visit the god’s own country and go back healthy.(


As part of Travelers survey , they would like to visit the rated tourist destination , where they can go for spa and Rejuvenate their mind and body. Keral is the perfect example of healthy tourism.

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